A Walk Through Copenhagen

We’ve all heard about Danish Design in one way or another. It is one thing to admire a beautiful Bauhaus table in the middle of an art gallery or a perfectly symmetrical bowl in the lobby of an architecturally significant building. Walking through the rainy streets of Copenhagen, I realized that Danish design isn’t just a trend or style; it’s a way of living. A lifestyle experienced in every corner of the city; second-nature to Scandinavian societies.

In mid-August, one of my screenplays brought me to Denmark. The city surprised me with its progressive, almost-socialist film industry working as a healthy machine. I was pleasantly surprised as I discovered so much of our Homewerx product assortment littered in these streets. Scandinavian labels like Normann CopenhagenBodum and Menu not only dress up the fancy displays of high-end stores but Danish people inhabit a city where a Wegner chair can be found in the middle of a public plaza. I finally understood that Danish design is a lifestyle that matches a society fascinated by efficiency and harmony.

Scandinavians keep raising generations that don’t feel intimidated by the concept of modern design. Take, for example, Louisiana. The Danish created a museum of modern art that incorporates sculpture, architecture and nature in a single organic space. The result is mind-blowing, as the natural environment keeps changing the museum experience from one day to the other. “Living,” the temporary exhibition at Louisiana right now, is sponsored by non-other than Bodum. There’s nothing like watching a dozen kids (5 to12 year-old), running the hills of Louisiana, climbing the wooden installations of “Living” and playing with clay trying to reproduce their own version of a Mirò sculpture.

And what do you think you can find in the store of the most-modern-modern-art-museum… WMF cutlery, Asa boards, the cutest MT tape packages, and the largest collection of Menu utensils I’ve ever seen. The conclusion: modernity shouldn’t be imitated, blindly followed or prefabricated. You have to experience it from within.