Demistifying Orchid Care

Often the question is asked, “Can you please show me a plant that I can’t kill?” Olla Urban Flower Project does not deal in plastic or silk plants so this is a challenging question to field. However, for those looking for an elegant, low maintenance plant for a gift or home, you really can’t compete with orchids.

The orchid varieties that are propagated today offer the viewer months of bloom and a staggering number of exciting designs. Phalaenopsis, oncidium, and jewel orchids are varieties we carry most often and are a cost effective way to deliver long lasting floral impact to your office foyer, bedroom, or other special spaces. Whether you keep your orchid plant long after its blooms have past or replace your orchid quarterly for a perennial show of blooms, orchids will continue to be a supremely gorgeous and celebrated plant for the modern home and work space. 

Maintenance Tip: Even though an orchid’s ideal light conditions are high levels of diffused light, an orchid can survive in shadier conditions for weeks. So if you’re hell bent on placing your orchid in a shady location during its bloom period, consider moving the plant back to a bright location (east-facing window, ideally) so that the plant can be given a chance to re-bloom. Most commercially propagated orchids bloom twice annually.