Foodie Lesson #1

Being a Japanese food fanatic, I have always been impressed by the different techniques used by chefs, and I have bought tonnes of cook books with some tricky tips. I possess an obsessional habit to reproduce everything I see. And usually, it works. But for some reason, making sushi has always seemed really difficult to me. At some point I just told myself: “Sometimes you have to accept that you can’t do everything yourself.” In other words, making sushi is an art and I’m not gifted!

Then one day I saw the Lekue Sushi Mat at Homewerx. So, I thought that maybe I would give it a last try. Yes I can do it. My self-confidence was boosted, I went to a famous Japanese store on Robson street, and bought some precious ingredients. Some nori (seaweed sheets), some special rice for sushi, a bottle of rice vinegar, some green onions, some ginger and wasabi paste. I grab some smoked sockeye salmon here, as well as some cucumber and mixed baby green salad there.

Now let’s have some fun.

  1. I cook 250g (about 1 cup) of sushi rice.
  2. At the same time I chop the salmon, cucumber and green onions. I display the nori sheet on the lekue mat.
  3. Ding dong, the rice is cooked. In a bowl, I mix the rice with 2 tablespoons of rice vinegar while it’s still hot. I let it cool down a little (room temperature), until the rice gets sticky.
  4. It’s time to display the rice on my nori sheet with the back of a spoon. It’s amazing how everything sticks together. I want to have something nice and flat.
  5. I can now display the salmon, cucumber, green onion, and salad on the rice bed. I add a little bit of mayonnaise.
  6. The moment of truth is approaching. Is it going be a total mess? Ready, steady, go! I start rolling the nori sheet on the mat with my fingers, and surprisingly, everything sticks together and I get my roll! Piece of cake. With this amount of rice I can do up to 4 rolls.

I place my roll in the fridge for half an hour. It’s way easier to cut afterwards.

With my sharp knife I start cutting the roll in 6 pieces.

Now let’s see how it tastes.

I just can’t believe it, I made it! With my chopsticks I plunge one piece in soy sauce, I close my eyes and for a second, I picture myself in an authentic Japanese restaurant! Job’s done.