Knit Your Own & Stay Warm! | Wool and the Gang

Want to try your hand at knitting but don’t know where to start? 

We recommend the knitting kits by Wool and the Gang, packed with everything you need to make your own shirt, scarf or headband! Make a piece that’s truly yours!

Made with new and experienced knitters in mind, the kits are filled with balls of premium yarn (colors vary), a pair of wooden needles and/or crochet hook, a pattern to guide you through the process, a sewing needle, and WATG patches. 

With colors like khaki green, space black, margaux red and tweed grey, the fall designs are stylish, simple yet structured, and oh-so-fabulously chunky and warm. Perfect gifts for the Bestie, the Girlfriend and the knitting fanatic!

Shown above: 1. Trophy Headbands Kit (Khaki Green / Space Black), $79.99; 2. Yarn (available in store), $24.99; 3. Little Giant T-Shirt Kit (available in Space Black or Khaki Green), $179.99; 4. Foxy Roxy Scarf Kit (available in Khaki Green, Margaux Red or Tweed Grey), $179.99.

No patience for DIY? Come in to the store and try out the ready made knitwear for instant satisfaction! 

1. Finishing Line T-Shirt (in Gold Yellow / Midnight Blue), Kit: $139.99, Knitwear: $209.99; 2. Trophy Headband Knitwear (in Margaux Red), $59.99.

Happy knitting!